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Our focus is to create bespoke programs to assist you in reaching your set out goals.

Why choose us?

Benefit 1

Focused Training is a coaching business for cyclists and Triathletes who aim to become faster and/or wanting to go further.

Benefit 2

Our focus is to create bespoke programs to assist you in reaching your set out goals.

Benefit 3

Focused Training looks to assist from road cyclists, marathon, cross country mountain bikers to gravel riders.

Benefit 4

If you are looking to improve your race time or just want to finish your first ever triathlon we want to help you reach those goals.


Indoor Cycling

One on one coaching

Are you ready to take your cycling skills to the next level? Look no further! Our professional cycling coaching team tailors to meet the needs of cyclists at all levels, from beginners to seasoned riders. Whether you ride for leisure, fitness, or competition, our team of experienced coaches is here to guide you towards your cycling goals.

Why Choose Our Coaching Program?

Personalized Training Plans

  • Our expert coaches will create customized training plans designed specifically for you, taking into account your current fitness level, goals, and availability.
  • No generic plans here – we believe in personalized attention for optimal results.

Performance Analysis

  • Take advantage of our performance analysis to track your progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • We monitor your performance metrics, such as power output, speed, and heart rate, providing valuable insights for targeted training.

Motivation and Support

  • Achieving your cycling goals is easier with a supportive community by your side.
  • Our coaching program offers a motivating environment, connecting with you and providing ongoing support and encouragement throughout your journey.

Choose your trainingpeaks plan

Half marathon running program


12 Weeks
  • The program is aimed at a beginner level, wanting to complete either their first half marathon, or someone who is a beginner and need some guidance to obtain structure to improve their half marathon capabilities.
  • There are three, 4 week block, starting with a base block to improve aerobic capability. Each week in the base block increases with overall time, to progressively overload the systems. Subsequent blocks increases with intensity to progressively overload the rest of the systems.
  • Most of the sessions work form a percentage of maximum heart rate, with the odd session making use of of percentage of threshold pace.
  • A heart rate monitor will be needed for this program
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12 Week 100km cycling program (Power Based)


12 Weeks
  • The plan is a polarised training plan with a base phase in order to improve aerobic capability, build phase to improve power out put and peak phase in order to fine tune areas in order to assist you in setting you up to complete a 100km road ride.
  • A power meter will be necessary for this program.
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Don't wait any longer to unlock your cycling potential! Join our coaching program today and experience the transformative power of expert guidance.

Contact us now to book your spot or schedule a consultation session with our coaches. Together, let's conquer new cycling horizons!

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